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All services include nail cleaning, trimming, shaping, and smoothing of the nail and cuticles. Pedicure services include an additional organic sea salt soak with your choice of raspberry, mango, or mint scented salts. Finish up with a hand or foot massage using oil, a hot towel, and a moisturizing lotion. Base coat and clear coat polishes included, removal of no-chip polish is an extra charge. Our manicures and pedicures are done using all natural products. Please be aware that there will be an up-charge for extra services such as in-grown nail removal, callus removal, or extra thick nails.

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Classic Nails

  • Classic Manicure $30
  • Classic Pedicure $35
  • Classic Mani/Pedi Combo $65
  • Polish Change $18

No Chip Nails

  • No Chip Manicure $45
  • No Chip Pedicure $50
  • No Chip Mani/Pedi Combo $90
  • No Chip Removal $10+ We do not remove acrylics, builder gel or liquid gel

Dazzle Quick-Dry Nails

Dazzle Quick-Dry is a non-toxic, strengthening polish for repairing nails that have been weakened from prolonged gel or acrylic use. The formula is designed to protect your natural nails while simultaneously allowing them to become healthier and stronger. The quick drying process takes five minutes and requires no UV lamp. If you are looking for a tough, long lasting nail finish, please inquire about our no-chip nails.
  • Dazzle Quick-Dry Manicure $35
  • Dazzle Quick-Dry Pedicure $40
  • Dazzle Quick-Dry Mani/Pedi Combo $75

Dip Manicure

Dip powder is applied directly to the nail using a three-step process—base, primer coat, color coat until desired coverage is achieved, activator/top coat—and air dries. Guest can also add pre made ABS Acrylic nail tips to your Dip Manicure for $10 more.
  • Dip Manicure $50
  • Dip Manicure with Tip Extentions $60+
  • Dip Removal $10+ We do not remove acrylics, builder gel or liquid gel